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Also known as a Buoyancy Compensating Device or Buoyancy Control Device, your BCD is the foundation of your scuba diving gear that provides stability both on the surface and underwater. It allows a scuba diver to float, hover or descend slowly at will. It holds your gear in place, lets you carry a tank with minimal effort, keeps you afloat on the surface and allows you to achieve neutral buoyancy at any depth. It is the key to enjoying your diving, diving comfortably and diving safely. Barrie Scuba House will help you choose from a Back Inflate, Jacket Style or Hybrid style for recreational or tec diving, for single tank, double tank or sidemount diving. Check out our buyers guide in the HELP & ADVICE menu. (*Note: We are still in the process of listing all available BCDs so if you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us at the shop - we have it for you!)

Avid 700

Quite possibly the best BCD Sherwood has ever built. The new Avid is a robust, full featured BC that provides tremendous comfort, fit and styling. The hydrodynamic jacket style bladder provide a more noticeable comfort than other similar BCs on… - Read More

CAD$ 857.00

Atmos BCD

Everything you could want out of a BCD The Atmos is a durably-constructed, full-featured hybrid air-cell BC. Its unique, hybrid rear-inflation bladder enables air to “shift,” which provides maximum amount of lift and  keeps you properly orientated… - Read More

CAD$ 794.95

Lighten up the load Our lightweight BC weighs in at just 2.5kg! The Biolite BC looks to establish itself as a complete solution with the introduction of a new color design and streamlined, integrated weight system. This is the ultimate travel BC with… - Read More

CAD$ 719.95

Harness System Tech/Rec is at its best with the Elite 2 Harness. The Elite 2 Harness System offers you all the features of a technical harness with the added comfort that recreational divers look for. Features: Adjustable shoulder straps with quick release… - Read More

CAD$ 219.95

The Luna features the CQR·3 Weight Integration System. This jacketstyle BC is designed just for women. Contoured the air cell, shoulders and cummerbund on this BC to conform to the female curves for superior fit and comfort. It’s also no accident that… - Read More

CAD$ 854.00

The origin of tough The Ranger is both rugged and versatile. Reinforced with 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon, it comes standard with backplate grommets, a 44 lb lift capacity bladder, a 36 lb capacity Ripcord Weight System® (pull-out weight system available)… - Read More

CAD$ 1,119.95

Highest quality BCD for kids The Ranger Jr is made with the same rugged construction as the legendary Ranger BCD. It utilizes Zeagle’s Personal Fit System® to allow for changing out shoulder and vest sections of the BCD so it can grow as your child does.… - Read More

CAD$ 619.95

Extra features that raise the bar The Ranger LTD has everything its sibling (The Ranger) has, but with the additions of newly designed shoulders and a super-duty Airloc buckle that swivels to adjust the harness to the body’s contour, eliminating binding… - Read More

CAD$ 1,389.95


THE IDEAL LOW COST AND LIGHTWEIGHT ENTRY-LEVEL BCD Great for travel, the Scout has a 16 lb capacity rear mount weight system, and comes standard with a 24 lb lift, low profile, heavyweight bladder with elastic retractor. Features: Reinforced nylon construction. Two… - Read More

CAD$ 579.95

FULLY LOADED FOR LOCAL AND TRAVEL DIVING Stiletto has a 24 lb capacity Ripcord Weight System®, a 16 lb capacity rear mount trim weight system, and is reinforced with 1000 Denier Nylon construction. It comes standard with a 35 lb low profile, heavyweight… - Read More

CAD$ 944.95

Outstanding fit and comfort for women Designed for women, the Zena's twin waist and hip band system provides a way to securely position weight below waist level around the body's centre of bouyancy. As the twin straps adjust to waist and hips… - Read More

CAD$ 879.95