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(*Note: We are still in the process of listing all available regulators accessories so if you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us at the shop - we have it for you!)

With the Bulletproof Design of the Hollis HP5 Non-Balanced Flow-By Piston First Stage the HO2 First Stage is Certified for up to 100% Oxygen Service thanks to Highly Specialized Component Materials and Manufacturing Processes. Cleaned and Assembled in… - Read More

CAD$ 384.95

Available in 0-5000 PSI or 0-360 BAR - The Hollis Brass Pressure Gauge is a solid and compact brass SPG. This rugged, easy-to-read gauge works great as a primary or even as a backup pressure gauge for the beginner to the most advanced technical diver.… - Read More

CAD$ 154.95

Stylish replacement Mouthpieces - Having a working mouthpiece is one of the most essential pieces of equipment. The Atomic Comfort Mouthpiece can replace the mouthpiece on any Atomic Regulator. Comes in 7 vibrant colours so you never have to leave the… - Read More

CAD$ 14.95

Permantly convert your DIN regulator to Yoke configuration. - Read More

CAD$ 101.95

Permantly convert your Din regulator to Yoke configuration. - Read More

CAD$ 262.95

Turn up the heat on preformance - ScubaHeat is a personal thermal protection device for you and your regulator that protects from Cold Stress. ScubaHeat's coil mounts onto your tank band in between your first and second stage. As air from the first stage… - Read More

CAD$ 499.95

Features: Non-linear depth scale is easier to read in shallow depths OceanGlo® luminescent backing 200 ft (60 m) maximum depth reading Automatic maximum depth indicator Easily swap gauge modules - Read More

CAD$ 384.95

Permantly convert your yoke regulator to DIN configuration - Read More

CAD$ 130.95

Permantly convert your yoke regulator to DIN configuration. - Read More

CAD$ 262.95

Do you need a short hose for use with a stage bottle or a full-length hose for your primary regulator? Whatever your need is Hollis has a hose to match those needs. Hose is available in 6" (15 cm), and 9" (23 cm) lengths. Hose is a durable braided… - Read More

CAD$ 49.95