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There are many scuba accessories that can make your time in the water more enjoyable. (*Note: We are still in the process of listing lots more available scuba accessories so if you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us at the shop - we have it for you!)

Collapsible rope ladder style dive cylinder rack Constructed of dense UVA flex foam tubes and heavy duty poly rope Accommodates two standard air cylinders Prevents tank roll Collapsible for convenient storage in small spaces The rope ladder style Trident… - Read More

CAD$ 45.99

High visibility design, tows smoothly, stable floatation, big middle storage area, can be illuminated for night diving. 21" X 16" dive flag. - Read More

CAD$ 89.95

Features: Weight belt webbing laces through the weight Hardened with antimony to prevent deforming Great for use with nylon or rubber weight belts Ideal for use in weight-integrated BCs Rounded and contoured for comfort NOTE:  This item is only… - Read More

CAD$ 5.50

Features: Protects boat decks and swimming pools Prevents lead from touching your hands Fade resistant colors Matte finish resists scratching Great for use with nylon or rubber weight belts Ideal for use in weight-integrated BCs - Read More

CAD$ 6.50

Features: Long lasting vinyl coating (black only) Traditional, pass-thru design Webbing passes thru center of weight Not for use with rubber weight belts Note:  this item is only available for in-store pickup - Read More

CAD$ 9.00

Features: Weight belt webbing passes thru the center of the weight Traditional (bullet style) design Hardened with antimony to prevent deforming Great for use with nylon or rubber weight belts Note:  this item in only available in-store due to it's… - Read More

CAD$ 9.00

Trident Deluxe Save A Dive 40 Piece O-Ring Kit. Contains 40 various pieces in a plastic case, also contains 1/4 oz. container of silicone lube. Great for your tank valve; hp and lp air hoses. Works well for cameras. - Read More

CAD$ 22.95

The Sherwood ST1000 provides a surprising amount of light for this 6 inch in length Torch. Regardless of where you are diving, the ST1000 Torch will come in handy. With three power levels 100%, 50%, and SOS Strobe, an in unit USB Charger, and two separate… - Read More

CAD$ 169.00

The Talon knife comes in either stainless steel or titanium. The stainless steel blade is made of 316 stainless steel. Medium point blade is 4.5". Sheath with pressure lock releasing mechanism. Leg straps included. Lifetime warranty against defects in… - Read More

CAD$ 74.00

Great for getting your gear organized out of the sandy areas. Comfortable to lay on and to get geared up on, Perfect for standing on to put on your wetsuit or drysuit. - Read More

CAD$ 53.95

Always be ready for any situation You never know what you might find on a dive, so be prepared and always pack a Lift Bag. The Hollis 60lb (27.2 kg) and 125lb (56.69kg) Lift Bag is just what you need to raise or mark items that you find underwater.… - Read More

CAD$ 104.95

Seek and Deploy A reliable and robust primary reel that’s easy to deploy is a necessity whether discovering a virgin cave or exploring a deep ship wreck. Hollis’ new 400ft (121.92m) and 200ft (60.96m) primary reels combine simplicity with durability… - Read More

CAD$ 244.95

New, light & cool spools made from aluminum with 100 ft white nylon-line and double ender. Available in 4 colors: red, orange, blue & green. Our new aluminum safety-spools don´t only differ in color from others - their shape offers a couple of… - Read More

CAD$ 60.00

Hollis Signal Marker Buoys Always be able to signal to the surface The Hollis Signal Marker Buoy (SMB) is an essential safety device that all divers should carry on every dive. The SMB is the smart-Way for a diver to mark their location when making safety… - Read More

CAD$ 144.95

Keep your tank looking its best - This Trident Premium Stretch Vinyl Mesh Air Cylinder Sleeve slips over cylinders with diameter ranging from 6.9 – 7.25 inches (17.5 - 18.4cm) to prevent scuffs and scratches. Double reinforced vinyl construction for… - Read More

CAD$ 15.00