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Your dive mask is your window to the vast underwater world so we want to make sure you buy a mask that maximizes your diving comfort and viewing pleasure. We carry dive masks in a wide variety of styles and colours, and in the latest brands from Hollis, Atomic Aquatics, Zeagle, Oceanic, Sherwood, Genesis, Problue, TUSA and more. Barrie Scuba House will take the time to ensure a perfect fit. Check out our buyers guide in the HELP & ADVICE menu. (*Note: We are still in the process of listing all available masks so if you don't see what you're looking for, please contact us at the shop - we have it for you!)

Extraordinary View. Unparalleled Comfort. The Frameless 2 features a dual hardness silicone skirt with “UltraSoft” face seal for superior comfort and fit. Get all the features of the Atomic Frameless mask, plus special sealing flange with a softer grade… - Read More

CAD$ 229.95

ARC Lens Technology elevates UltraClear to a higher level - Atomic Aquatics developed ARC (Anti-Reflective Coating) technology to reduce reflected light and actually increase the amount of available light transmitted to a diver’s eyes. Anti-Reflective… - Read More

CAD$ 239.95

Wicked Look. Heavenly Vision.Venom has exceptional optical clarity with UltraClear Schott Superwhite™ glass lenses. Its single window hydrodynamic styling and double layer dual-colored silicone skirt provides extreme comfort, functionality and improved… - Read More

CAD$ 269.95

The best of both worlds - Worlds come together with the Atomic Venom ARC Mask. The best parts of both the ARC series and Venom Series come together to create one of the greatest masks that money can buy. Comes with: Anti-Reflective Coating Easy strap… - Read More

CAD$ 349.95

M1 Mask

The mask that sets the bar This is Barrie Scuba House's #1 selling mask!  Visibility is the most important aspect of any dive. The M1 mask raises the bar for optical quality and distortion free vision. This lens is an extra clear glass which is… - Read More

CAD$ 149.95

M3 Mask

Unlimited Vision The M3 Mask provides visibility, the most important aspect of any dive, with distortion-free vision and superior fit. This low profile design uses a rigid frame and two lenses with an ultra-clear glass. The low iron content produces… - Read More

CAD$ 169.95

M4 Mask

A great mask that doesn’t cut corners When choosing a mask, fit and field of vision come first. The M4 Mask gives you the best of both worlds, fitting a wide variety of faces and offering superior peripheral and vertical vision. It's low profile, stows… - Read More

CAD$ 119.95

The stongest and most indestrictible two-window mask ever The Atomic Aquatics SubFrame Mask is so durable, it carries a Lifetime Warranty against frame breakage. The strength comes from the internal frame (subframe) molded directly beneath the surface… - Read More

CAD$ 189.95

A wicked look due to it's striking styling The Venom Frameless Mask is incredibly comfortable with low volume, hydrodynamic construction and exclusive Atomic “Wicked” styling. It's co-molded with two silicone materials in two levels of softness, and… - Read More

CAD$ 229.95

Truly Worthy of Envy Technology and innovation are behind this minimalist frame and oversized lens, providing style, comfort and peripheral vision truly worthy of envy. Features: Ultra-clear liquid silicone Superior ultra-clear optical glass Wide field… - Read More

CAD$ 179.95

Zeagle Scope Dual Mask Submerged in Toughness Scope Dial enters the market by completely redefining durability. It’s the only dual lens mask with a patented 100% submerged sub frame with exposed silicone for increased protection. Comes with: ·        … - Read More

CAD$ 149.95

Exceptional vision without losing comfort Shadow Mask features a sleek 100% liquid silicone skirt that attaches directly to the tempered glass lens. No mask frame means the Shadow Mask offers an incredible field of vision. Comes in a variety of colours… - Read More

CAD$ 119.95

Ceto Mask

Colour enhancement The Sherwood Ceto mask is a colored enhanced single lens frameless mask with a durable silicone overmold. The Tangine lens (orange lens) was designed to offer optical contrast while diving. The Tangine lens drastically reduces light… - Read More

CAD$ 139.00

Macco Mask

High quality mask for scuba or snorkel The Macco’s unique construction delivers all of the qualities you’d expect in a professional dive mask with a lighter more comfortable fit. Other frameless masks anchor the strap buckle on the flexible mask skirt.… - Read More

CAD$ 108.00

More light for better diving The Onxy ARL Mask comes with Anti Reflective Lenses (ARL) which start as Sherwood Crystal Clear lenses and are then treated with the Anti Reflective coating. This process of coating the lenses reduces the amount… - Read More

CAD$ 149.00

Onyx Mask

Uncompromising preformanceThe Onyx mask is a low profile dual lens mask that comes in a single color Stealth Black Silicone. This mask is perfect for spearfishing, freediving, or scuba diving. The low profile provides a tremendous field of view and is… - Read More

CAD$ 99.00

Rona Mask

The perfect mask for scuba, snorkeling and underwater photography 100% Liquid Silicone skirt bonded directly to the Tempered Lens. No Frame. Low Profile design and extremely soft silicone; lens sit close to your eyes Tremendous field of vision with… - Read More

CAD$ 97.00

A different lense for each diving scenario The Sherwood Spectrum is our first Mirrored and Colored Lens mask. Each color provides a unique perspective above and below the surface. Mirrored and colored lenses not only provide a new and refreshing look… - Read More

CAD$ 135.00

Targa Mask

A stylish low profile mask with soft and supple siliconeThe Targa mask from Sherwood Scuba is a low profile two lens mask with tremendous field of vision. The Targa uses a softer silicone than most masks and the textured finish provides extreme comfort. The… - Read More

CAD$ 105.00

Vida Mask

Take your underwater adventures to the next level The Vida Mask uses the latest in co-molding technologies to provide a mask with unique styling and color configurations. This two teardrop shaped lens mask provides tremendous vision and comfort in addition… - Read More

CAD$ 105.00

Break into scuba without breaking the bank Whether this is your first dive or hundredth the ProBlue Vision Plus Mask will get you from the shore to the underwater action. With 3 lightwight windows the Vision Plus Mask provides a panoramic view with its… - Read More

CAD$ 80.00

Using technology and styling from outside the dive industry the Sherwood Scope Mask looks more like Ski Goggles than a diving mask. The Scope provides unmatched comfort. The Scope’s unique elastic strap design provides ease of donning on and off. One… - Read More

CAD$ 149.00


Genesis has stepped up their freediving game with the Stealth mask. The skirt was carefully designed with Low Volume and Ergonomics at the forefront of the design. The low volume mask and reinforced silicone nose bridge were specifically created to compensate… - Read More

CAD$ 95.00